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About Us

Raj Distributors is a leading importer of highly sought after goods from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangledesh, China, and England. We deligently work to find the freshest spices and we pack our own products on site so you can be sure of exactly what you are getting.

Our people are passionate about our goods because our founder is passionate about ensuring the greatest quality at the best price is passed down to the consumers. This is the way retail is done, there's no reason for wholesale to be done any differently.

Our company has been steadily booming, landing our products on retail shelves near you; providing great taste and ingredients to customers all over the country.

We import thousands of products from around the globe to ensure we have what you are looking for; rice, spices, pulses, dals, teas, religious items, herbs, henna, beauty products, all these and more from a wide variety of manufactuers can be found in our warehouse.

We ensure the products here are up to a gold-level standard.